About Us

TAL recognizes the importance of your benefit and pension programs and how they help to attract and retain employees. TAL provides design, consulting, financial analysis, implementation and administration services for employee health benefit plans and group retirement plans. TAL finds solutions that plan members find equitable and acceptable while meeting corporate objectives.


TAL is a boutique firm with big firm expertise. Lower overhead translates to cost effective solutions aimed at helping organizations obtain quality technical advice to solve complex human resource challenges. TAL is a recognized leader in the development flexible benefit plans, cost containment programs and the implementation and management of these plans. TAL’s Change Management practice provides added value by helping organizations and their people adjust to change through a proven integration process, and participation in planning, training, system, and administration changes.


Lou Leodolter has spent much of his career developing insurance solutions to fill special needs and risks. Lou brings to TAL many years of experience in designing and implementing special risk plans and ensuring his clients have cost effective solutions for their unique needs. As a result of his experience on the insurance company side he has a good understanding of what carriers are capable of providing to clients most notably for specialty insurance products.


Actuarial Consultant

When financial and risk analysis of programs such as post-retirement benefit plans and flex plans is required, TAL may outsource this work to its actuarial partner. We have an established relationship with an independent actuarial expert who has over 25 years of public and private sector experience, as well as management roles with some of Canada’s largest actuarial consulting firms. This consultant brings experienced analysis skills to complicated benefit plan issues.

Underwriting Consultant

TAL’s underwriting consultant can provide risk and premium analysis for group insurance policies. A seasoned professional with a background in underwriting at a number of Canadian group insurers, he works closely with TAL to establish policies, determine rates and provide problem resolution.

Communication Specialists

TAL has a team of experienced corporate communication specialists who we can call on to assist our clients in communicating and marketing any new HR initiative. Our team includes a strategist/project manager, writer, graphic designer and web designer. Together, they support change with clear and appropriate communication strategies.