Group Benefits

Flexible Benefits

Over one third of Canadian employers have turned to some form of flexible benefit plan in order to manage rising benefit costs and provide greater value and protection to employees. TAL brings significant experience in the area of flexible health benefits and has a proven approach to address cost containment and participation and risk volatility.

  • Analysis of the current arrangements and claiming patterns.
  • Design the right solution including core flex or modular flex plans.
  • Insurance relationship review and recommendation.
  • Change management assistance including employee education and communication in all stages of implementation.
  • Monitoring for legislative developments, claims problems, financial and product review.
  • Benefit plan management.
Employee Health Care Plans

As an employer, your health benefits plan represents a significant financial investment and an important part of your employee’s compensation package. TAL provides client-focused advice on how to manage existing benefit plans to ensure maximum return on your investment.

  • Coping with rising costs of benefit plans.
  • Forecasting and financial planning.
  • Plan Governance audits.
  • Renewals, premiums and adjustments.
Post-Retirement Benefits

TAL helps many organizations with non-pension post retirement benefits. When it comes to re-engineering post-retirement benefits, there are no ready-made solutions. We assist clients in customizing a plan specific to their objectives, employee needs and legal precedents.

  • Ensure long term financial integrity including cost-sharing options.
  • Involve and communicate components of the program to employees.
  • Implementation of an updated plan which is acceptable to all stakeholders.
Small Business Solutions

TAL provides health benefit plan solutions for small and growing companies. Through flexible pre-designed solutions, we can assist you with launching your employee benefit package. TAL will guide you through the design and costing phase, and recommend a plan most suited for your business. We will provide you with professional advice, cost-effective pricing options, and work with you on an ongoing basis to track your plan and protect your employees. TAL’s size and personalized approach makes us uniquely able to provide small businesses with big business advice and service.